Europe Dairy Systems is the Dutch distributor for Dairymaster in several European countries. We are also manufacturer of mobile milking parlours, which are produced in-house and are of course equipped with high quality Dairymaster milking equipment. Besides the Dairymaster products, we also deliver many other products such as floor- and wall improvement materials, feeding systems, parlour floors, advanced pitch recognition systems, management programs and a detergent with superior features.

Europe Dairy Systems is based in the Netherlands (Zeewolde) and has establishments in Germany (Seehausen) and more. We work with an extensive network of dealers throughout Europe. Our people are ready to help you with your questions, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dairymaster is world leader in dairy equipment manufacturing. The factory is located in Causeway, in the south of Ireland. Here the full central production is taking place. Nearly 95% of all parts is produced in this factory. Europe Dairy Systems is distributor of Dairymaster for the largest part of Western Europe.

Dairymaster is known in Europe for its advanced Swing-Over parlour and Rotary Revolver parlour. The priority is making the most efficient, robust and technologically advanced automated milking equipment. The resultant reduction in the annual recurring maintenance costs and provides more fun in the milking at higher capacities per hour per milker.

Besides milking equipment, Dairymaster is distinctive in its technology. Dairymaster milking system is based on the Irish dairy system, based on university research. This system ensures quicker and more efficient milking of the cows.

The products of Dairymaster are suitable for all types of businesses and are modular expandable. One can choose a simple implementation of the parlour, but also for a large number of options, which can make many actions automated.

Of course our representatives can inform you about all the aspects of the parlour. We can offer you standard designs, so you can easily adapt it to your situation. To introduce you to the principle of Dairymaster parlours, we gladly make an apointment to visit reference parlours with you in your area.

We like to get in contact with you, so you can experience the difference of Dairymaster.

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