Dairymaster operates from the headquarter in Causeway in Count Kerry in Ireland. We are one of the world's leading manufacturers the milkingfield.

The secret of the global success of Dairymaster is involvement of the company in research and development, the superior quality of the products and the escellent service and customer support. In the last forty years Dairymaster investigated from her own department of research and development all the aspects of dairy technology and management. Our company has developed unique advanced technology in solutions, which is aimed at making dairy more profitable by reducing long term costs and reducing labor. We accompliced this by taking milking technics as the basic of the parlour. Storage, collecting and analysis of data became much easier, allowing possibility to both an immediate response to current events as a strategic long term planning.

Another reason why Dairymaster is a popular choice by dairy farmers around the world, is the flexibility of the extended product range. This is adapted to fill the needs of the dairy farms of all sizes. Many products can be used effectively as independent units, making them also suitable for smaller dairy farms. All products can be upgraded and integrated in a fully automatic milking parlour. Dairymaster offers the possibility to control the production by the animals, both individually as per herd.

Dairymaster produces almost 95% of all the product themselves - from rubber parts to the panel for the milkmeter - this is unique to the manufacturer! The strict control at all stages of the production is the basis of the quality of the final product. The company also offers the possibility of experimentation and customization of even the smallest machine component, so that it always works according to the specification. Our experience in parlour design are directly available for you to use it for an optimum design of your company.

Finally the personal approach and accessibility of Dairymaster ensures its customers that the services does not end with the sale. On the contrary, the exellent care, continuing support of the dealer and the constant monitoring of the product performance in the market, Dairymaster always keeps track of all the aspects of this industry. This thorough knowledge of the industry has led to parallel development of products, which approaches the needs of dairy farmers in the highly competitive agricultural environment of today.

The website of Dairymaster Ierland can be found at www.dairymaster.com.

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