Up & Over Backing Gate

The Up and Over Backing Gate is suitable for use in rectangular collecting yards. The backing gate is fixed to a rigid beam, which travels on two tracks at both sides. When the gate is fully advanced the operator may easily lift the backing gate up and over a subsequent group of cows, with just one touch on a button. The gate is then lowered behind the group, ready for movement as required. The Up and Over Backing Gate can optionally be set for automatic movement, whereby once a predetermined number of cows have entered the parlour the backing gate automatically goes forward saving you time and effort.

Scraper on this gate

An often used option on this gate is a backing scraper. After milking, the gate with scraper can be lowered and moved in backward position so the space can be cleaned. During milking the scraper will be in upward position so the manure will not be pushed into the parlour. This system is integrated in the up and over gate and is therefore extra robust.




  • Guaranteed quick flow of cows during milking
  • Easily en quickly changing groups
  • Option of scraper on the gate
  • Very robust construction

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