The cluster is a unique combination of the Dairymaster claw, teat cups and the super soft liner 916S. The cluster is made of impact-resistant material of excellent quality, which not only results in improved durability, but also has a positive effect on hygiene. The claw is transparent and the milk flow is therfore clearly visable. Years of testing and research have resulted in the design of the ideal cluster. Dairymaster has focused on both actual testing with cows and on simulated flow experiments. Parameters such as milking time, milking yield and slipping of the cups are measured in test situations with highly productive animals. Simulation of the milk flow provides information on the vacuum below the teat and the movement of the liner wall.

The Dairymaster cluster produces a high stable vacuum during the milking fase, which decreases during the resting fase. This leads to excellent milk out and improved udder health due to the reduced shear forces on the teat. We have exemined the effects of sizing on all aspects of cluster design, from the liner geometry, short milk tube diameter, claw volume and claw outlet diameter to total cluster weight.

The elimination of liner slippage is an extremely important part of cluster design because slippages cause impacts on the teat end. Impacts on the teat end lead to cross infection. When the liner slips air is admitted and the admitted air can be transported and impact on the teat end. Dairymaster's cluster design has focused heavily on reducing this.


The Dairymaster 916S and 916SL super soft liners are the ultimate high performance liners. Our liners show reduced slippage and increased milk yield when compared to many other liners. Furthermore many customers also report better udder health.

The choice of material is critical when producing liners. Dairymaster has decades of experience in designing liners, all of which have been rigorously tested in scientific trials. Our current formula is a combination of all the best results. Dairymaster is unique in its approach to liner design, our design aims to have one liner suitable for all cows.

Changing liners regularly is one of the best investments a person can make on any farm. In order to maintain excellent performance, liners should be changed at recommended intervals.

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