Milk receiver

The Dairymaster milkreceiver is available in glass or stainless steel. All larger parlors are by default equipped with the stainless steel receiver. Both
types can easily be cleaned. The stainless steel receiver is less vulnerable than the glass receiver. The  glass domed end makes it possible to see the milking and washing process in the receiver, which is a benefit of this type of receiver. It is possible to have more than one milk pump outlet on the receiver if required.

Milk pump

The Dairymaster centrifugal milk pump has been engineered with the latest technology, materials and design. It has a multiple curved blade impeller which has a number of advantages including high performance efficent pumping across a range of speeds due to its unique impeller design.

The milk pump comes with an automatic drain valve which opens when the milk machine is switched off. It is possible to connect several milk pumps to create a higher pump capacity.

Variable speed milk pumping

Milk flow into the receiver varies both throughout the year and during milking. Variable speed milk pumping is used when efficient cooling and gentle milk transport is required. The height of milk in the receiver is measured and the output of the milk pump is matched to the cumulative quantity of milk level increases. When the milk level is low, the pump speed is reduced. The cooling water supply can be switched off by a solenoid when the milk pump is inactive. The result is a controlled milk flow through plate collers and gentler milk handling with less water usage.

Achieving low SCC levels

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