Our Pulsation system is widely recognised as being the leader in reliability, consistency and easy maintenance. Digital controllers display the pulsation rate and ratio on the front panel. The number of outputs in use is selected based on the size of installation. Vacuum consumption is minimised as a result of phased outputs. An additional switch is provided to facilitate the flushing out of relays with water when the machine is serviced. The electronic pulsators are specially designed for flushing out with hot water to maintain excellent pulsation graphs and better hygiene.

One low maintenance large capacity electronic relay is used for each two milking units. An air filtration line interconnects the pulsators, which also helps to maintain hygiene. A special adaptor is fitted to the end of the filtration line to filter the clean air supply.

Our research shows that the Dairymaster Milking System has the most suitable teat end vacuum for both milking and rest phases. The vacuum profile obtained with the Dairymaster milking unit is very similar to the way nature intended.


The JetSaver is a unique patented device which uses the latest technology for reducing energy consumption in milking installations. The JetSaver was developed in response to the relativily new challenge of decreasing the energy costs. Dairymaster have developed the JetSaver which intelligently manages processes that add to the peak air demand during washing.  

This device saves a considerable amount of money and Dairymaster have made this device a standard feature to make your operation more profitable.


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