Vacuum performance unit

VacuTech units have been engineered to assist with easy installation. It has adjustable feet to allow for varying floor levels. The VacuTech is modular and easily extendble. The vacuum pump itself is oil lubricated, which is the most reliable pump available on the market.



  • The vacuum pump and electro motors are deliverd and installed in one piece
  • The vacuum pump installation conforms to ISO standards


VSaver frequency control

An optional item is to add VSaver control to your VacuTech unit which can help you reduce your energy costs. The vacuum pumps are based on the maximum need of vacuum, which is only used when washing the parlour. Therefore during milking, there is always more vacuum produced than needed.

The VSaver strongly reduces energy costs and also reduces the noise, this is possible because the vacuum pumps turn slower and there is no need to adjust the regulator.


  • High reduction of energy
  • Noise reduction


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