FeedRite in parlour feeders for Swiftflo Revolver

Dairymaster has considerable experience designing and manufacturing in parlour feeding systems. The amout of feed can be adjusted through a dial on the central console if there is no Auto Identification installed, however when Auto Identification is installed the feed is released upon cow presence. The intelligent software also takes into account cows going around twice and these are not given additional feed. The feed is delivered via a stainless auger to the feed trough.

The Swiftflo Revolver Rotary parlour gives you the option to feed up to four different feed types.

One of the most interesting features of the Dairymaster automated feed system is appetiser feeding. As each cow enters the parlour a small amount of feed is dispensed to the cow which encourages fast loading. When the unit is being attached the remainder of her allocated feed is dipensed, this usually results in a more content cow when the cluster is attached. Scientific trials have also shown higher levels of oxytocin are present when cows are fed during milking.


  • Durable material and robust
  • Accurate individual to dose
  • Linked to management programm but also manually operated
  • A cow passing for the second time will not get feed again if identified
  • Control from the central console


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