FeedRite OptiFeeder

The Dairymaster FeedRite OptiFeeder out of parlour feeder allows you to optimize milk yield and herd health while reducing feed costs and avoiding over feeding by feeding to individual requirements. The unit provides a comfortable and convenient feeding environment for selected cows.

The out of parlour feed manager is an add on module of the Dairymaster Milk Manager to control out of parlour feeders easily. The system uses data already available in the Milk Manager for determining the amout to feed each cow gets. Feed amounts may be calculated based on user defined feed levels, feeding to yield, body weight or stage of lactation. The dispensing of this feed may be distributed over different feeding periods throughout the day. The benefit of this approach is that cows generally consume their total allocated feed and unconsumed feed is distributed throughout the remainder of the day.

Out of parlour feeders allow feeding to be controlled accurately and conveniently. Since feed is one of the main inputs on farm it is of utmost importance to use your feed efficiently and effectively.

All parts of the OptiFeeder that are in contact with concentrates are manufactured from stainless steel. The OptiFeeder is completely corrosion resistant which is a big advantage particularly where minerals are dispensed in the feed. The hopper incorporates the proven dispensing technology utilised in our in parlour feeders. The dispensing mechanism accurately meters the amount of feed dispensed. Each motor has its own in-built overload protection which activates if a foreign material obstructs its operation.

In addition the system can be configured to feed 3 different feed types. Feed stations may be installed individually or in groups depending on building layout.


  • Fully stainless steel feeders except the fencing
  • Automatic feed from the management program
  • All periods are adjustable separately

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