Parlourtop floors

Parlourtop is an coloured addition to the concrete, it is specially designed for use on parlour floors. It is used in the fresh wet concrete flooring. The result is a wearfree coloured top layer that gives 800% more resistance of wearing than 40N concrete.

Application of Parlourtop at your floor is an inexpensive and highly effective alternative for an epoxy floor coating. The material is cheaper and the floor only has to be finisched one time, which also results in lower costs. Alternative is not well chosen, because in practically every Dairmaster parlour, this Parlourtop is incorporated.

By using Parlourtop the upper layer will be 800% harder than normal 40N concrete. This means that a rough finished floor stays rough, so the cows have more grip on the floor. The floor is easier to clean. For instance the use of Parlourtop in the tank room can be finished smoothly, this means less grip, but it is much easier to clean. Finally the floor will be acid-resistant.

Parlourtop is available in the following colours: light grey, dark grey, red, green, blue, black and natural.

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