Cow retention

Dairymaster has pioneered the use of an optional retention device for rotary parlours. The cow auto retention device is lowered behind the cow, prohibiting exit until the cluster has been removed.

When the operator places the cluster on the cow, the auto retention device is lowered retaining the cow in her bail during milking. Under normal circumstances the automatic cluster remover removes the cluster from the cow and the retention device is raised to allow the cow to exit the platform.

Where installed with weighall milk meters further intelligence may be added. The software checks a cow's yield and milking time against her normal statistics and if deviations are outside user defined limits the auto retention will retain the cow and send her around to the cup-on operator again. As the cow approaches for the second time, the operator will be alerted through the parlour sound system VoiceAssist and on the milk meter display screen.


  • Makes 1 operator milking possible
  • Control milk yields of cows that can not leave the platform

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