Scraper systems

The Dairymaster scraper is extreme robust and hydraulic driven. The scraper is suitable for new and existing situations.

Dairymaster manufactures and delivers scraper systems to dairy farms worldwide. These hydraulic systems are acknowledged for unequalled standards of reliablility and adaptability. The Dairymaster track type system has very low maintenance costs and is exceptionally easy to operate and control. Due to the fact that the number of cows is increasing and buildings get bigger, this system has large benefits.

Features of Dairymaster scrapers:

  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Passages can be cleaned individually
  • Odd numbers of passages can be easily accommodated
  • Passages can be unequal in length
  • Passages do not have to be parallel
  • Passages can be at right angles

The extra weight of the Dairymaster scraper ensures a better scrape with each cycle. Our double ratchet mechanism reduces false tripping and allows wider and longer passages to be cleaned. There is a range of heavy duty scraper saddles available to suit the needs of all types of passages. The robust heavy gauge Rambox ensures that the ram is fully enclosed and protected from the environment.

The rails are each anchored to the floor through two heavy cotter bolts. The cylinder is protected by a heavy-duty housing for optimal protection. The slide itself on both sides has a wing which makes it possible to clean passages which are not entiraly straight. The length of 100 meter acces is possible. Hydraulic hoses protect the wear from the motor to the cylinder by a tube. The switches are covered and designed for minimal interference.

The hydraulic drive system has a number of specific features:

  • The power unit has been designed for robustness and longevity
  • Each digital control is designed to control up to 8 passages
  • High quality materials in the hydraulic unit include stainless steel and advanced polymers which offer better appearance for years to come
  • The hydraulic pump is protected by a dual oil filtration system on the drain
  • The oil level is visible and is controlled by a float switch
  • The oil tank is equipped with quick release for easy accessibility and easy maintenance

You can choose between digital and manual control:

Digital control
Digital control provides the user with ultimate flexibility and is easy to use. It has many special features such as individual control of the scrapers, temporarily stopping, multiple parking positions and error messages on the screen

Manual control
In the manual control there is a switch for each scraping. You can choose for two automatic intervals and manual operation. Normally the scraper is parked at the side of the cylinder. The system is designed for daily use, it is possible to seperate a passage and park without effecting the other passages.


• Completely powered by a watertight industrial control

• Easy to install

• Low maintenance

The scrapers are available for new to build and rebuild situations.
The space saving type is designed to install in existing situations without preparatory work needed. This results in lower cost for building and labour.

In new situation, the cylinder is built out. Because of the improved design the switches and the circuit board for cylinder control are stalled in a clean and dry environment. The development is tested in the toughest conditions, ensuring a long life.

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