Management software

Dairymaster offers a combination of Dairymaster milk machine software and Uniform-Agri management software.

Dairymaster milk machine software

Milk Manager is a powerfull parlour management solution which controls and communicates with automation to provide you with instant parlour information whenever you need it. It contains information about milk yield, milking duration, feeding, cow calender, cow selection and weight.


  • Fully integrated software and milking parlour automation. The software controls for example feeding and selection.
  • Audio messages can be announced through the VoiceAssist in different languages. The operator can apply his own visible and audio messages ore there can be chosen from standard messages.

Uniform Agri Management software

Uniform Agri is leader in Dutch dairy management software with thousands of users. Uniform Agri is known for: "a farmerhart and ICT knowledge".

The main advantage of this managementsoftware is the ability to link central databases lik I&R and MRO (CRV). The software can produce create reports and you can make an external back-up without extra costs. The back-up is automatically stored at Uniform-Agri.

A summary of the contents of the programm:

  • Cow management, simply to enter data of cow calendar and automatically printing attention lists
  • BSK
  • Health analysis
  • Production analysis

You can find more information on the website of Uniform-Agri. Turn on your speakers to hear the sound.

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