Swiftflo bailing system

Dairymaster Swiftflo bailing is the ultimate means of individual cow control in the milking parlour. Each cow has her own clearly defined space, this results in much quicker and easier loading. All spaces are allocated in sequence as the cows enter the parlour. When all of the cows have been milked, the Swiftflo Bailing is raised to facilitate their unobstructed exit.

By cow positioning at 80° the cows can easily walk in and out. For the operator the walking lines are shorter and cow approach is safer.


  • Enhanced cow control and correct milking unit positioning
  • Fast loading as the first cow can only occupy the first position
  • Fast unloading as there is double exit space
  • Robust and fully galvanised
  • Control from anywhere in the pit
  • Air operated system for high reliability
  • Including integrated exit gate


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