Auto ID

The Dairymaster AutoID system can be installed in all types of parlour, from side by side and double ups to rotary platform systems.

A passive RFID ear tag is attached to each cow, so when she passes an antenna at the entrance to the parlour or in an integrated autodrafting crate, the ear sends a signal to the reader which passes this message to a PC, which identifies the cow precisely. This identification may be used to control feeding, voice messages, integrated auto sorting, etc. Our reader system reads tags, which use the ISO (RFID) half-duplex system, and it has the highest reliability and accuracy.


  • Identification is highly reliable and precise
  • Dairymaster uses double identifying plates for extra reliability
  • Auto ID is fully integrated
  • Ear tags are easily applied and can be reused
  • If a cow is not recognized (for example if it does not wear an ear tag) the cow can easily be inserted into the row whereby the whole row moves one position.


Individual Auto ID

An additional option is the Dairymaster individual AutoID, it has 100% reliability of recognizing cows. If a cow is not fully recognized (for example if the cow is not wearing an ear tag), other cows will always be recognized at the correct position.

The advantage is recognition of the individual cow at the pitch in stead of at the entrance. Especially when working with many different operators, this will be very useful.


  • More certainty of recognition
  • One recognition plate per cow space
  • Very useful for large companies with many different operators

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