Integrated AutoDrafting

Dairymster integrated AutoDrafting is a cow sorting system which has been designed in terms of achieving the best performance and build quality. It is available in a choice of 2-way and 3-way integrated AutoDrafting systems which may be combined when more segregation options are required.

The route for individual cows can be selected from the parlour pit using the milk meter keypad, pre-programmed before milking on the parlour PC or directly from your mobile cell phone using Farm messenger. Cows can be pre-programmed to draft for any number of reasons. For example, if a number of cows need to be separated for a veterinarian visit  then the operator can program the computer to draft the identified cows to a holding pen or crush for the visit.

Standalone AutoDrafting

Standalone AutoDrafting is a convienent means of isolation cows without the need for a PC. The standalone AutoDrafting crate has the same high build quality as the integrated AutoDrafting. When a cow is required to be drafted the operator attaches a velcro tag to the cow's tail. A blue tag is attached for drafting to the right, a yellow tag for drafting to the left and cows without a tag walk straight ahead.

Additional options:

  • Automatic teat sprayer
  • Cow motivator, to let the cow walk out of the box
  • Automatic weighing



  • Robus and extremely heavy duty
  • Quick, efficient and accurate
  • Perfect control of the herd
  • Easy extendable from 2-way to 3-way selection
  • Easy and flexible to adjust

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