Swing-Over arms

Swing-Over arms are indispensable in the parlour. They are constructed from stainless steel for durability and longevity.




  • The pit is much clearer and provides a better working environment.
  • Milk hoses are shorter, this means better cluster alignment and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Better cluster position
  • Very user friendly and labour saving as no extra work is required
  • Dairymaster has years of experience in the Swing-Over arms and the components
  • The weight of the cluster is carried mostly by the Swing-Over arm in combination with the automaic reduction
  • The vacuum of the cluster and the vacuum of reduction are switched during swing, so no extra labour is needed
  • When used in combination with the milk meter, the Swing-Over arm can automatically activate the control panel of the electronic milk meter and indicate that a new cow is being milked
  • The Dairymaster VoiceAssist parlour sound system can repeat flagged voice messages just prior to the cluster being attached, audibly alerting the operator to a specific situation
  • An added benefit of Swing-Over arms is that Dairymaster's unique appetiser feeding can be utilised which means feed is dispensed at the ideal time resulting in better cow flow and a more relaxed cow

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