The Dairymaster ClusterCleanse rinses each cluster after each cow is milked which results in a more hygienic cluster for the next cow. As farms are getting larger the Dairymaster ClusterCleanse is an immense aid for improving milking hygiene and is of great assistance for farmers fighting the battle against the spread of contagious mastitis during milking such as Staph Aureus.

The ClusterCleanse is available for all types of parlour. It is available in three different formats, as a stand alone version whereby the operator activates the ClusterCleanse, in conjunction with Dairymaster Automatic Cluster Removers and in conjunction with Dairymaster Weighall Milk Meters, in the last two configurations the ClusterCleanse sequence is automatically engaged after the cluster has been removed from the cow.

The cluster and the long milk tube are flushed using a combination of water and air. After the cluster is flushed out it is then automatically purged maximizing the cleaning effect. This reduces the risk of “cow-to-cow” cross infection and contagious mastitis. Lower SCC means higher milk quality payments and better herd health.

Normally when a cow that is infected with Staph Aureus bacteria is milked, these bacteria remain in the liner in large quantities and can be spread to subsequent cows. Usually this is controlled by segregating cows with an infection and milking them last. The Dairymaster ClusterCleanse may eliminate this requirement.

With the Dairymaster ClusterCleanse there is no need to replace existing milking clusters or purchase any special liners and it does not affect the milking vacuum level. The Dairymaster ClusterCleanse can also help reduce the spread of Strep. Ag. and Mycoplasma mastitis.


  • Effective prevention cow-to-cow cross infection
  • The only requirement is that the parlour has automatical subtraction

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