Better teat end condition
Improving teat ends by milking the way nature intended.

Dairymaster milks according to a system, where the milk is raised up, the conventional system drains the milk down. Dairymaster has a high stable milking vacuum, known as the "B" phase. This "B" phase vacuur level is directly related to milking speed. When the liner is closed Dairymaster has a low rest vacuum, this is known as the "D" phase. This low "D" phase vacuum is highly beneficial for reducing the shear forces acting on the teat.

Conventional milking systems show a "B" and "D" phase which does not differ much. In contrast to the Dairymaster system is now trying to vacuum around the same levels to milk and to relieve.

The Dairymaster vacuum levels are comparable to that of a calf suckling. The Dairymaster milking system has less stress on the teat end due to low vacuum level in the rest phase.

Strongly reduces slippage
The Dairymaster milking unit has been designed to have the lowest levels of liner slip, excellent mik out, faster milking and lower shear forces on teats.

Slippage of the liner on the teat has long been a challenge for engineers. It disrupts the engineers routine, which reduces capacity, but just as important is the source of contamination through this airbust.

The milking technique of Dairymaster will make this a high exception. The unique Dairymaster milking ystem and the specially shaped, highly flexible liner make this a past tense issue. This was shown in many X-ray tests and clinical studies. In addition, many farmers who switched from one stall to another finished products Dairy Master, himself that the proportion of sucking air is dramatically decreased. Many farmers who have converted to Dairymaster have found a huge difference in liner slip.

Complete milk out
In recent scientific trials the Dairymaster Cluster yielded 5% more when compared to another commercially available cluster. Scientific research has shown that the Dairymaster milking system maximises milk out through their unique combination of the claw, liner and pulsation system. The research was done at "Teagasc" in Ireland and also known as the "Irish Milkingsystem". You can read this research here by clicking at "internetlink".

Reduced milking time
On average a Dairymaster parlour typically milks each cow 1 minute faster!

It's important to milk cows quickly and efficiently. Producers only have the cow's attention for a short time, so it is important to harvest all the milk possible in that time frame.

Our experience with farmers who are milking for the first time with a Dairymaster parlour, is the surprising responses about the easy milking of a large number of cows in such a short time.

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