Dairymaster conversion systems

If you have problems with your current parlour, for example with the milk out of your cows. Then a conversion to Dairymaster is recommended.

Conversion will be interesting if:

  • There are problems with the milk out of your cows
  • Problems with slippage
  • When clusters fall down because of teats bein too short or extremely lopsided state of the teats
  • Cows won't drop the milk
  • Very long milking time
  • You want to experience milking with Dairymaster

Conversion system includes the following:

  • Dairymaster clusters are being installed
  • Changing the milk line up to a higher level with a minimum of 1200 mm above the cow standing by a special diverting station or by placing the milk line higher
  • Installation of the Dairymaster pulsation system
    • Set the vacuum system to 48 kPa.
    • Pulsation setting 60 puls/min, draw fase 68 %
    • Relief fase 32%

The benefits of a conversion to Dairymaster:

  • Faster milking (50-70 seconds per cow) means reduced milking time
  • Better milk out of the cow, therefore reduction of mastitis and higher yield up to 5%.
  • Reduced slippage of the claw, the lines from Dairymaster are of better quality.

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